The purchase of a "Live The  Dream" license plate, the nations first license plate bearing Dr. Kings image, is an investment in children, families and maginalized communities. To become an owner of the "Live The Dream" license plate,  go to your local tax collectors office to make the purchase. A list of offices are  here. Secondly, you can always make an inquiry at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles(DHSMV)


The Dream Foundation and its new board has been well aware of the ongoing investigation into Mr. Towner and his companies as it relates to its overpayments to itself from license plate proceeds. To that end, we have been in constant contact with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) jointly  seeking a way forward to make sure that minority communities, whose members are the sole purchasers of the license plate, get that investment back into their community through the Dream Foundation program by releasing all funds from tag sales that continue to be withheld by the State of Florida, that is targetd to address critical services in challenged communities. 

Through reorganization, the Dream Foundations new board is eager to continue its mission to address homelessness, sickle cell disease and to improve the infant mortailty rates in African American communities. Moreoever, we find it exceedingly important that the legacy of slained civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, which the license plate represents, do the good it was meant to do in those marginalized communities,and for Floridians in need of certain services.  We believe that the Dream Foundation, as a victim, will be  made whole through the legal process now in play. Moreover, the Dream Foundation has asked that the "Live The Dream" license plate sales proceeds currently being withheld from it for nearly three years by DHSMV, which are  statutorily due the Dream Foundation for programs, be released. With those funds, as statutorily defined,  the Sickle Cell Association of Florida, March of Dimes, Florida Healthy Start Coalition and Community  Partnership for the Homeless can provide the services they  are  charged with providing as recipients of Dream Foundation... "Live The Dream" license plate proceeds.


Welcome to the Dream Foundation, Inc.

This is an important year for the Dream Foundation. This year we celebrate the "Live The Dream" license plates 14th year as the  nations first specialty plate with the image of Dr. King. Having the plate  available in Florida tag offices for motorist to purchase  has allowed the Foundation to continue fighting poverty, issues of infant mortality and illness.

So, in celebrating the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King and February Black History month, the Dream Foundation will also take every opportunity to discuss Kings legacy as it relates to the goals of the Dream Foundation. This begins with the keynote speech at the Clay County MLK breakfast, taking place on January 15th, whereby I will be the speaker. We hope you can attend and support the children and families we seek to help through our partnerships. Further, we will be commemorating the 50 years since Dr. Kings death during the entire year of 2018. Please join us around the state. 



Message From President

Michael Dobson

Help us fight to make sure that the proceeds from the sales of the Live The Dream license plate is released back  to the black community in Florida, for which blacks are the sole purchasers of the tag. The money has been held by the DHSMV for nearly three years. We fight daily to receive what is due the community.  DONATE!  HELP BY INVESTING IN THE CAUSES THAT IMPACT YOUR LIFE! 

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Dr Kings Death