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"Celebrate the Legacy" Lecture Series

 Join us on September 17, 2019 at the  Turnbull Conference Center in Tallahassee, where the feature speaker will be Tara Setmayer... the star of the podcast  Honestly Speaking with Tara Setmayer, who is also a CNN political commentator,  ABC news contributor, as well as an occasional fill in guest host of "The View".

During the 2019 Florida legislative session, the Dream Foundation ...through its advocacy, fought to help legislators find a "third way" for dealing with the implementation of Amendment 4... that did not require payment of fees and fines as a barrier to the right to vote. While the Dream Foundation, along with others, believe that the bill that is SB 7066 (which implements the Amendment 4 constitutional amendment)  leaves out hundreds of thousands voters made eligible to vote by the plain language of the amendment, we also know that SB 7066 will provide for an  unequal process for registering to vote from county to county. That will find its way through the courts, however we  will not sit idly by while that legal process plays out.

Registering those Floridians made eligible to vote in our constitution, although usurped by political hankering... will not only require monies to assist those who we know are not in financial position to pay certain fees, but to also work across purposes with other organizations to work with the courts and supervisors of elections offices to develop systems that allow for a seamless approach to getting those citizens registered to vote. All will require  monetary resources, which The Dream Foundation has created a new program that will focus on doing just that.

 We encourgae you to donate to the "Dream Re-entering Citizens Fund" either here or by mailing a check to our office. We also encourgage you to attend the various fundraising events to be held around the state of Florida for that purpose as well.


What The "Dream Re-entering Citizens Fund" program does:

  • Fund statewide infrastructure to work with other organizations and the legal community ( including local Judges, State Attorneys and Clerk of Courts) to seek the waiver of fines and fees  that hinder returning citizens from registering to vote
  • Research and help individuals  determine what fees and fines are outstanding
  • Provide grants, working with the legal community,  to help fund legal fees when pro bono assistance is unavailable for those seeking their voting rights per Amendment 4 statute

Tara Setmayer