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What The "Dream Re-entering Citizens Fund" program does:

  • The Dream Foundations focus for the reentry fund is to provide reentry services and assist other organizations around the state who are providing same services through grants and other financial  tools.
  • Reentry is an important part of the work The Dream Foundation focuses on. The Dream Foundation engages in programing for those reentering society and work with partners throughout the state to make sure that services and opportunities are not difficult for returning citizens to access, and that business and employers give them a second chance.
  • The Dream Foundation is engaged with congress , the state legslature and local government to seek public policy that  is consistent with the legacy of Dr. King on many fronts, to include support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 
  • Mentioned on the Dream Re-entering Citizens page, we seek to assist non profits throughout the state of Florida who are providing reentry services in their communities. 

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* The Dream Foundation's PAC provides education and information to the broader society regarding those important policy issues that are the work still needing to be done post civil rights movement also support those leaders who support Dr. Kings legacy by assisting them with communicating our shared vision of a more equal society ....where racisim and inequality is a thing of the past 

 To have Dr. Kings Dream realized, one cannot ignore where policy, politics and advocacy intersect. Because in many instances African America elected officials find themselves relying on resources from entities or individuals without the same connection to the  community of the disenfranchised.. So consequently, as much as they try ...  leaders occasionally  compromise because of those resource realities... not having the freedom to do some things we work together to accomplish.  It is indeed an element of human nature itself, and an appreciation for the needs required to serve elective office . Therefore, it is the intent of the Dream Foundation PAC to empower those seeking office with resources that come directly from the community they serve and those who support the agenda consistant with our nations civil rights, human rights, healthcare, business and all needs that allow opportunity for all. 

So, we  here encourage your support and donations  so that we will have the resources needed to  communicate your desires in the public square. This is an attempt to reclaim and own our communities.... to see executed a clearer direction with opportunities for all youth and every soul,  by empowering ourselves. *Also, please note that the Dream Foundaton PAC is separate from the non profit organization that is the The Dream Foundation Inc.